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What is your favorite museum restaurant?

I wrote an earlier blog about how I routinely dodge the question about “my favorite restaurant”. Add the word museum to that question and I will gladly give you a list. Going from West Coast to East Coast below are my recommendations for museum restaurants I love and those I still want to visit. I […]

What Is Your Favorite Restaurant?

As a food service consultant, I cannot count the number of times someone has asked me “What is your favorite restaurant?” My colleagues know that is a question I struggle with and generally do not answer. In our foodie culture I feel like it is a loaded question; the person asking the question will undoubtedly […]

Reflections on Irish Food Service

Freshly back from an eight day tour of Ireland (too short), I found some of the food and beverage facilities and practices I encountered unique and worthy of comment. My family is accustomed to being dragged into every cultural institution we pass during our travels to check out the food services; this trip was no […]

JGL’s Roots – A Tribute to Our Founder

Most people who meet me and learn what I do for a living ask “how did you get into this”? My answer is in a very circular (yet organic) way. It all started with my dad James Gates Lawler (yes – JGL… I know – not very creative). Jim worked for two of the “big […]