22 - March 2019
Posted by : David McCallum
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Stop…In the Name of Grub!
Over the holidays, my wife, myself and our dog Theo flew into London, then drove up to Western Scotland for two weeks of peace […]
The Restaurant at the Norton Museum of Art
Congratulations to the Norton Museum of Art and Constellation Culinary Group on the opening of The Restaurant! JGL is proud to have worked on […]
04 - February 2019
Posted by : Tracy Lawler
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Matchmaker, Matchmaker Find Me…. an Operator?
JGL manages 15-20 RFP processes every year and after more than 20 years of doing this I still find it fascinating. It is a […]
Many years ago I decided to make the same resolution every year, not to make promises that I couldn’t keep. Clever, right? I thought […]
Quality is the Secret Sauce!
Scenario: A charming foodservice consultant (ahem) audit’s an operation and finds that the food quality is not where it needs to be, but your […]
26 - November 2018
Posted by : Tracy Lawler
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What is your favorite museum restaurant?
I wrote an earlier blog about how I routinely dodge the question about “my favorite restaurant”. Add the word museum to that question and […]