Needs Assessment

Sometimes it’s obvious that things aren’t working, but the question of what exactly needs to be fixed can be a lot more complicated. Do guests complain about the selections available at your café? Was it built decades ago when visitorship was a fraction of what it is now? Maybe your restaurant works fine most days, but on busy days they just can’t handle the crowds. What food services should we offer to meet the needs of our visitors or employees for now and the foreseeable future? JGL will take the time to really study your operation and help to identify where things just aren’t working as they should. We conduct extensive interviews with primary stakeholders to understand the history and culture of your operation. Next, we evaluate food quality, menu selection, service, guest flow and transaction times. We also do a deep dive into the financials to see what sort of impact all of this is having on your bottom line. Finally, we deliver specific, detailed recommendations services should be offered to meet visitor or employee needs.

Fixing a foodservice operation is complex because it frequently centers around fixing relationships. JGL doesn’t just focus on the symptoms. We will help you to understand the underlying causes, how these issues happened in the first place, so you know how to keep them from happening again.

JGL has worked with hundreds of cultural institutions, businesses and schools across the nation (and Canada!) and we understand the complexities of serving food to a large, diverse group of people with varying expectations and needs.

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