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Food and retail services are an important visitor/employee amenity for cultural institutions, corporate dining facilities, and higher education institutions.

  • Cultural institutions have seen the addition of dining and retail programs translate to an increased length of stay, deeper connections with the institution and increased satisfaction with the visitor experience.
  • Corporate entities have reported greater productivity and retention for employees that utilize work-place dining facilities.
  • Both private and public sectors can generate valuable earned income streams from the rental of their venues for social, corporate and not-for-profit catered events.

JGL advises clients for whom food and retail services are an important part of the experience, but not a core competency. We are the experts that bridge the gap between the facility owner/operator and the food service and retail management teams. Our clients can expect optimized financial results, enhanced guest experience and improved operational efficiencies.

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“Liberty Science Center recently retained JGL Foodservice Consultants to manage the RFP process for a new foodservice vendor for our on-site cafe and catering services at both LSC and the future SciTech Scity conference center. JGL worked closely with senior leaders at LSC to thoroughly assess the needs of the institution and understand the future model of SciTech Scity, which is still in development. As LSC was eager to move the process forward quickly without foodservice currently on site, JGL made LSC a priority, crafting a detailed RFP, working closely with their contacts in the industry to attract a large number of top quality national and local candidates to bid, holding in-person and virtual walkthroughs during the COVID pandemic, and getting questions answered in a timely manner. JGL’s guidance and expertise were extremely helpful in getting competitive bids for this project. I personally called Tracy on numerous occasions for input and was provided prompt and extremely helpful feedback so I could keep the process moving with LSC’s best interests in mind. When we were originally looking for a foodservice consultant for this RFP process, I spoke to about half a dozen colleagues in the industry, and literally every single one of them had worked with JGL at one point or another. I felt very confident that Tracy and her team know this industry inside and out.”

Amanda Cunningham - Chief Operating Officer, Liberty Science Center