The Nation’s Leading Food & Beverage Consultants Specializing in the Arts Flora Bar – The Met Breuer Building
Services provided by JGL: RFP and Contract Negotiation
The Nation’s Leading Food & Beverage Consultants Specializing in the Arts The Triple Nickel Café – Latham & Watkins
Services provided by JGL: Assessment, RFP, Contract Negotiation

Photography by Gensler
The Nation’s Leading Food & Beverage Consultants Specializing in the Arts Storico – New-York Historical Society
Services provided by JGL: Feasibility Study,
Café Concept Development, RFP, Contract Negotiation
The Nation’s Leading Food & Beverage Consultants Specializing in the Arts The Pine Tree Café - New York Botanical Garden
Services provided by JGL: Assessment, RFP, Contract Negotiation, Benchmarking
The Nation’s Leading Food & Beverage Consultants Specializing in the Arts North Parlor – The Morgan Library & Museum
Services provided by JGL: RFP, Assessment, Contract Renegotiation

Photography by Philip Greenberg

JGL is a boutique food service consultancy serving the corporate, cultural and educational markets. We are passionate about developing successful food service operations at our client locations. “Success” may mean the hot new destination restaurant in an expanding museum, a café in a performing arts center that enhances the visitor experience, a revitalized event rental program at an aquarium, or a corporate café with decreasing subsidies.




Is your food service program being managed properly?


How does your operation stack up against similar institutions around the country?

Contract Compliance

Is the contract with your foodservice provider so complex that you can’t tell whether or not they are abiding by it?

Contract Renegotiation

You are happy with your food service provider, but your contract is expiring and you want to make sure that you’re getting a good deal. How can JGL help?

Feasibility Study

Are you about to embark on a major expansion and would like to include a destination restaurant? Are you sure that’s a good idea?

Food Service Concept Design

What kind of foodservice is going to best serve the needs of your customers?

Food Service Master Plan

How do you make sure that several different foodservice outlets on one campus are all working together?

Kitchen Design

How much space do you need to allocate for the kitchen in your new venue?

Needs Assessment

What food services should you be offering?

Performance Monitoring

Is your food service provider doing a good job? Are you sure?

Request for Proposal

In the market for a new foodservice provider?

Subsidy Reduction Strategy

Your on-site café is a great amenity but the subsidy is too high. How can you reduce the subsidy and maintain the café?


“JGL is passionate about food service. We are inspired by great museum restaurants, think a performing arts center restaurant should enhance the visitor experience, love to help entities of all types improve their food services and are experts at creating more profitable food service operations in our client locations. Give us a call to chat at any time. We are always happy to answer questions and provide benchmarks.”

Tracy Lawler – President
JGL Foodservice Consultants


Industries Served

JGL provides food service consultation services for corporate, cultural and higher educational institutions across the country.

Years in Business
Museum Clients
Performing Arts Center Clients
States Served


Our team of experienced consultants works with each client to develop a solution that meets their individual needs and goals. Have a challenge in your food service operations? Chances are we have encountered the same problem at some point in our careers. JGL maintains offices in New Jersey, New York, and California.




What our Clients are Saying

JGL understands the unique challenges faced by cultural institutions looking to create destinations while ensuring robust revenue support to the bottom line.  Their experience ranges from the kitchen to the counter, and they are not afraid to tell you what you need to know in order to succeed.

Ellery J. Brown - Senior Vice President, Operations, The Kennedy Center

We could not have been more pleased with the level of professionalism, service, and counsel that we received from JGL.  Tracy and her team brought the expert knowledge of restaurants and other food service operations that we lacked.  They helped us to understand our institutional needs around food and food service so that we could then select the right partner and craft the right relationship, while fielding a number of curve balls along the way.  I highly recommend JGL for its consulting services.

Molly Riddle Wink - Chief Operating Officer, Denver Art Museum

“From early engagement as we prepared our business plan through final selection of our food service partner, JGL was a delight to work with. They have broad knowledge of the national marketplace, are creative thinkers, extremely professional and personable and they more than deliver on client expectations.”

ZeeAnn Mason - Vice President, Museum of the American Revolution



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