14 - September 2021
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How to Increase the Per Capita Concession Sales at your Performing Arts Center
As performing arts centers start to re-open, many are evaluating their food and beverage offerings. We know from our work with performing arts organizations […]
03 - September 2021
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Small Museums May Need Creative Solutions for Visitor Dining
Small museums hold a special place in our hearts. Their larger counterparts, like the National Museum of Natural History and the Philadelphia Museum of […]
09 - August 2021
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How Can You Ensure Your Food Service Operation Is Cutting the Mustard?
JGL has worked with many corporate clients in supporting their efforts to achieve company-wide food service goals, including responsible subsidy management. Overseeing a relationship […]
01 - August 2021
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Corporate Dining FAQs
Years ago, JGL’s social media channels hosted a “FAQ Tuesday”. In recent months, we have had a few requests to bring it back. Instead, […]
06 - July 2021
Posted by : Hollie Altman
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Helping Higher Education Institutions with Back to School Dining Operations
Colleges and universities are gearing up to welcome students back to a more ‘normal’ campus environment in the fall of 2021. Here are six […]
14 - June 2021
Posted by : John Franzini
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How To Reinforce Your Museum Brand Through Retail
To reinforce your museum brand through retail, consider the following pro tips to objectively analyze your museum store’s strengths and weaknesses. When the museum […]