Foodservice can range anywhere between complicated and really, really complicated. Maybe your café is making money…but is it making as much as it should? Is it worth it to bring in someone with more industry knowledge to drive catering sales? Should you get rid of your provider and just take a crack at it yourself to try and minimize losses? JGL has experience working with both self-operated and managed food service programs. Each style of operation comes with its own benefits and challenges, but JGL can help you identify what is most important for you and how to get from here to there. Our assessment process includes an evaluation of your food service program from both an operational and financial perspective and can help you to determine the optimal structure for your business. A client may enter into an assessment believing that they are interested in continuing to self-operate their café, but once the assessment is complete, the data uncovered may lead them in a very different direction. Let JGL help you to make the most informed decision that you can.

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