Food Service Concept Design

Fine dining or casual? Table service or cafeteria-style? Regional Mexican cuisine or burgers and pizza? There are so many seemingly arbitrary decisions that go into planning a new or renovated food service concept; how is anyone supposed to know if they are making the right ones? JGL can help you to identify who your target audience is, what they will be willing to spend, what type of offerings they are likely to want, and how that will impact your operation’s financial stability.

First, JGL will conduct a thorough interview process with all stakeholders to identify common goals and concerns. Next, we will study the existing local market to establish norms and identify areas of opportunity, as well as potential pit falls. JGL can work with your architectural firm on layout of food service areas and guide them on how best to anticipate client needs to maximize all profit centers. We can work with creative teams and prospective vendors to ensure that your restaurant or café is reflective of your organization’s mission and values. After presenting detailed recommendations, JGL will forecast likely revenues and other financial impacts of our recommendations.

Decisions made during the concept and design processes can determine whether or not an operation is successful. JGL has decades of experience and intimate knowledge of industry trends that can help you to make informed decisions.