Food Service Kitchen Design

JGL works with Jacobs|Doland|Beer to ensure that all new or improved kitchen facilities are designed to meet the needs of our client’s future food service program.

When an institution is about to plan a new facility or begin a major expansion, the size and design of the on-site kitchen space is frequently put on the back burner. Architects do not generally have a clear understanding of back of house requirements and frequently allocate inadequate space. Understanding the expectations and vision for the food service operation is critical for developing the appropriate production space. The size of the kitchen can inform the type and level of cuisine that is possible. What style of food will be served? Should it be an open or closed kitchen? Will it also be needed for catering events? Is there a risk of noise, smoke or fire impacting any other parts of the complex? JGL will help to make sure that the incoming food service provider is set up for success from the start. Kitchen design services frequently follow our feasibility study process. Kitchen design is offered through our affiliate, Jacobs|Doland|Beer.