Food Service Master Plan

A multi-unit foodservice operation is among the most complex to operate. Do you have a fine dining restaurant, casual café and coffee shop? How do they all work together to capture the most sales throughout the day? What is the target audience for each unit? What should check averages be for each location? Should all hours of operation be the same? How do expenses get divided between each unit? JGL associates have years of experience not only evaluating but operating this very type of campus. First, we will conduct a thorough evaluation of all campus services including quality of offerings, service style, customer service and flow. Next, we will do a thorough analysis of financial data to see how your operation compares to similar locations around the country, allowing you to develop reasonable, attainable goals. Finally, we will offer specific, detailed recommendations to optimize guest experience and profitability and we will help to develop individualized tracking systems to measure each unit’s progress.

A multi-unit foodservice operation must work like a clock. All of the various units must work in conjunction with one another, each fulfilling a different function in service of the greater goal. JGL can help to ensure that every unit on your campus has clearly identified goals that work with each other, not against each other.

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