Augsburg University

Industry: Higher Education

Service: RFP

Augsburg reached out to JGL as part of a broad search for a food service consultant to conduct their upcoming campus-wide RFP process. JGL was ultimately selected due to our detailed approach and genuine desire for student involvement throughout the process, including open houses and direct committee involvement. After conducting an assessment of operations and speaking with stakeholders, we put together a detailed list of recommendations for inclusion in the RFP. Just a few of the things that Augsburg was looking for included increased variety of ethnic cuisines, more varied catering options, increased involvement in the University’s social justice initiatives, and investment spend towards a renovation of its main dining hall.

With these and other goals in mind, JGL and Augsburg conducted a months-long RFP process which included numerous national and regional dining providers. Despite the extensive goals set forth in the RFP, we received several competitive proposals. After engaging in detailed discussions with senior leadership and student representatives, we shortlisted the front-running candidates and held interviews as a final step in the process. In the end, Augsburg ultimately retained their incumbent operator; they had illustrated both in their proposal and in the following interview that they had heard Augsburg’s concerns and were ready to make the necessary changes. Just a few of these included:

  • A rotating 3rd party restaurant program in the University’s main retail location
  • Inclusion of restaurant partners in the catering program, completely administered by the operator for a reasonable admin fee
  • A complete renovation of the University’s main dining hall, including a new 100% halal only station and introduction of student lounge amenities
  • An additional layer of management oversight to ensure that these changes would be implemented, and ongoing concerns would be addressed in a more efficient manner
  • The inclusion of risk-reward Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to ensure the University’s needs were met throughout the term of the contract

Since contract award was made, Augsburg and its operator have been hard at work ensuring the continued success of the dining services program.

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