Museum of Contemporary Art

Industry: Museum

Scope: Feasibility Study, RFP, Event Rental Assessment, Contract Development

Project Description:

As the Museum of Contemporary Art, San Diego moved towards the reopening of its newly renovated La Jolla facility in 2020, JGL was brought on to help conceptualize its entire foodservice and catering program. MCASD’s desire for flexibility in catering necessitated that JGL pursue a unique dual-track RFP process with a preferred caterer list and a dedicated café operator. Following a very competitive process which garnered the attention of both local and national foodservice providers, MCASD selected an excellent mission-aligned café operator along with several well-known local caterers to provide catering services at the Museum.

JGL then worked with MCASD to develop the sales and rental structure for catered events at the Museum, including the development of catering policies, best practices, and the structure for their event sales department. JGL concluded our work with MCASD by drafting the respective contract agreements between MCASD and their selected café and catering operators.

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