Space Center Houston

Assessment, RFP, Contract Management, Facility Rental Program Development, HR Recruitment
Project Description
Space Center Houston received bids from a self-issued RFP in May of 2020 and initially hired JGL to assist with bid analysis and vendor selection. After reviewing the bids received, JGL advised SCH that the terms offered were not competitive with the current market and made the very unusual recommendation that SCH restart the RFP process. JGL constructed a new set of RFP documents that provided additional information and incorporated revised terms that we anticipated would be more favorably received by bidders. We issued the RFP to a larger pool of targeted and vetted candidates who were more financially, operationally, and mission aligned with SCH’s goals. JGL’s updated RFP documents, market knowledge, and experienced process management resulted in several compelling new and revised bid submissions, including two from vendors who had previously declined to bid. JGL guided SCH through our fully customized selection process designed to meet their specific needs which resulted in a far superior financial offer. JGL worked with the client, the newly selected operator, and the SCH legal team to negotiate and finalize contract terms. SCH transitioned to their new vendor in 2021. Subsequently, SCH has retained JGL to assist on several additional projects. JGL served as a subject matter expert and intermediary during the first six months of transition to the new food service operator. JGL was also commissioned to provide an assessment and business plan focused on the establishment of their new internal event sales department. The assessment focused on creating departmental policies and procedures, workflow, rental space pricing, marketing strategies, IT systems and software selection, contract drafting, recruiting, and more. JGL helped to guide the ensuing creation of the Space Center Houston Events Department and implementation of our assessment’s recommendations, including recruiting the department’s senior leadership. JGL is proud to have contributed to the growth of such a storied American institution and to help make sure, in our own small way, Houston continues to reach for the stars with mission aligned exemplary food and event services.
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