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From Client to Consultant – Hollie’s Experience Joining the JGL Team

It is hard to believe that it’s been two years since I joined JGL! It was February 2021, less than a year after the pandemic turned the world upside down. I had been laid off from a museum job I loved here in Miami (a former client of JGL), was assembling 30,000 emergency meals a […]

Food Service Technology in a PAC Setting

As performing arts organizations set the stage for incoming audiences, food and beverage operators are taking their place in the spotlight. Large and small food service operators alike are continuing to roll out their new and improved technological offerings. Digital menus are a must in a multi-use PAC environment. It allows maximum flexibility in making […]

Salesperson or Events Person? Who to Hire to Run Your Facility Rentals Program

Whether you title the position Director of Special Events, Venue Manager, Sales Director, or Facility Rentals Manager, the person you hire to run your facility rentals program should be a key hire for your organization. The right person can’t be hired without the right job description. Here are some tips to help find your superstar. […]

Showcase Showdown

What is a showcase? It is when you throw a party, but in your own honor! It’s when you say to the event world – “Helloooo! We are here, we are hoppin’, and we are the place to be!” Showcases are parties planned by venues to “show off” their venues to potential clients, allowing them […]

Smaller Groups, Larger Returns

For cultural institutions that earn commissions on catered events, there has definitely been a change in earned income due to the pandemic. Many organizations have seen a dramatic uptick in weddings, especially if they have large, outdoor spaces to offer. If weddings were never the bulk of your business or you don’t have ample outdoor […]

How to Increase the Per Capita Concession Sales at your Performing Arts Center

As performing arts centers start to re-open, many are evaluating their food and beverage offerings. We know from our work with performing arts organizations across the country that the per capita sale by genre varies dramatically. Traditionally, symphonic performances drive the lowest per capita sale while rock and pop performances generate the highest per capita […]

How Can You Ensure Your Food Service Operation Is Cutting the Mustard?

JGL has worked with many corporate clients in supporting their efforts to achieve company-wide food service goals, including responsible subsidy management. Overseeing a relationship with an on-site third-party vendor requires regular and ongoing analysis of the financial results. We share below some of the tricks of the trade Team JGL utilizes when assessing or serving […]

Helping Higher Education Institutions with Back to School Dining Operations

Colleges and universities are gearing up to welcome students back to a more ‘normal’ campus environment in the fall of 2021. Here are six tips that JGL recommends every higher education institution keeps in mind as they think ahead about dining services. Technology is Key (Obviously!): Prior to COVID, many campuses were experimenting with pre-ordering, […]