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Shop ‘Til You…CLICK!

JGL works with cultural organizations across the US and Canada, and we have noticed many museums looking for guidance on their e-commerce programs. It’s great to have the ability to sell products on-line, but it’s more important to have a strategy that makes the on-line presence effective. To make an online museum store a success, […]

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Retail Merchandise Consulting: What We’ve Learned from our Clients

It’s hard to believe it has almost been one year since JGL started offering retail merchandise consulting services! With our dedicated Senior Retail Consultant, John Franzini, we have worked with both past and new clients spanning the museum, zoo, and aquarium worlds. We knew that our experience with food and beverage consulting would be beneficial […]

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4 Tips for a Self-Operated Shop: Finding and Creating Unique Items to Sell in Your Museum Shop!

Museums that operate their own shops have the freedom to show off their personalities! Whether the products sold are logo branded, locally made or reminiscent of the exhibitions, they should effectively reflect the museum’s brand. Here are 4 tips to finding and creating unique items to sell in your museum shop. Don’t Recreate, Innovate! Innovation […]

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