01- Nov2021

Hire a Consulting Firm with the Right Experience

JGL Consultants is made up of a team of professionals that have experience in both back of house and front of house operations. If you were to do a mash up of our combined experience, you would see high profile organizations such as the Getty Museum, Carnegie Hall, Pérez Art Museum Miami, Rank and Rally, Aramark, and Google. If you then looked for food service experience, you would find industry staples such as Restaurant Associates, Patina Restaurant Group, and Bon Appetit. This combined experience and understanding of ‘both sides’ gives the JGL team a unique approach to consulting in the food service and retail arenas. We understand the delicate nuances that arise when communicating with board members and high-profile clientele, but we can also eyeball an operating statement and know instantly if there is a problem. We know our strengths and weaknesses and stay true to what we know…how food service and retail operations function and how they impact the end user experience.

Many consultants whose core competency is kitchen design will offer ‘management advisory services’ in addition to their design support. Sure, they understand how the kitchen operates and how to create flow in a cafeteria, but are they thinking about how your mission aligns with a prospective caterer? Are they concerned with the intricacies that go along with ensuring a higher ed account has equitable meal plans? Are they considering exhibition change over and how that impacts space availability for private events? Probably not.

JGL is a unique consulting firm. We understand that you can’t be all things to all people. Collectively, we have spent years developing our specific skills in a variety of disciplines pertaining to the hospitality industry – staff management, operational efficiencies, financial analysis, event planning, event sales and marketing and market research.

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