15- Jun2020

Top 15 COVID-19 Defense Tools by JGL Foodservice Consultants

Since the outbreak of COVID-19, there has been an overwhelming amount of theoretical discussion surrounding how to create safe and effective plans for re-integration. Social distancing, masks, hand sanitizer and good hygiene have been the first and most obvious steps in fighting this war, but now it is time to end theoretical discussion and start implementation.

As food service consultants, JGL is always on the lookout to help our clients find useful information that can better their operations. Throughout the last two months we have participated in and hosted a number of webinars with industry experts across the country, we have been in constant contact with all of our clients (B&I, cultural, Zoos & Aquariums, Botanical Gardens and Higher Education) and have consulted with JDB, JGL’s kitchen design partners to create a focused list of items to support safely re-opening food service establishments. As there are so many elements to consider during this time, we are hopeful that this quick reference guide highlighting some of the most frequently talked about COVID-19 defense tools will be a valuable resource. We have included the product name, website for more information, typical lead time needed prior to receipt and average cost.

Click the link below for the Top 15 COVID-19 Defense Tools:


*Please note the vendors selected, in many cases, are one of many possible vendors and their inclusion in this list is not an endorsement but simply an attempt to guide clients and others to the type of products that are readily available at this time.