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The Evolution of Foodservice Technology

The role of technology in the hospitality industry has been hotly contested for some time. While inventory and data management systems have become commonplace because of their ability to quickly and easily cross reference disparate sources of information, other technologies that could potentially take the place of human workers have seen slower adoption rates; however, […]

The CurEater: Because Art Nourishes Food – I’ll Eat You Up!

If I made mischief the way that Max did, chasing my dog with utensils and threatening to devour my progenitor, my wild rumpus would’ve been toast, but Max is merely sent to bed without supper. Thus begins the hunger induced, fever dream journey of Maurice Sendak’s classic children’s story Where the Wild Things Are, which […]

Stop…In the Name of Grub!

Over the holidays, my wife, myself and our dog Theo flew into London, then drove up to Western Scotland for two weeks of peace and quiet on the side of a Loch. On our drive up the M6, passing through the County of Cumbria, we pulled off into the “Tebay Services” area, what we would […]

Quality is the Secret Sauce!

Scenario: A charming foodservice consultant (ahem) audit’s an operation and finds that the food quality is not where it needs to be, but your customers will not tolerate a substantial price increase. For some, these two problems are diametrically opposed. How can prices stay low while simultaneously increasing quality? Of course, in a large, complex […]

Your mission, should they choose to accept it…

One of the most important factors in choosing a foodservice provider for a cultural institution is identifying a concept that is aligned with the mission and aesthetic of that institution. Full disclosure…this is also my favorite part of the process. No matter the purpose of your organization, whether you are a music venue that focuses […]

Value in Passionate Partnerships

When JGL guides our clients through an RFP process, some of the primary qualities we look for in a foodservice provider are a willingness to be a true partner and a passion for the mission of the cultural institution. As a former operator, I would frequently look at what resources I could bring to bear […]

Food Photography 101

JGL would like to dedicate this to the late Anthony Bourdain, his friends and family. Like so many in our industry, he struggled, but like so many in our industry, he spent the time that he had inspiring us to look beyond our own backyards, to experience other cultures and reach new levels of understanding […]

Smile, though your heart is breaking…

I grew up in the restaurant industry. My father had a small inn, 20 rooms in total, along with a fine dining restaurant on a small island in the Chesapeake. It’s cliché, but true…the restaurant industry is in my blood. For the better part of three decades I have either been a waiter, busser, host, […]